Ready. Set. Volofit.

New to Volofit? Welcome! We’re here to make sure that from the second you walk in you feel safe, comfortable, and psyched to have the best workout of your life. And since each day’s exercises are one of a kind, your whole class will always be trying something new together.

Not sure what to expect? Check out our day-one rundown:

Step 1: Welcome

Let’s get situated.

Don't Sweat It

We know there’s a first time for everything, so remember that your first class, like all others, caters to your personal fitness level.

Prep for success

Arrive 15 minutes ahead of your first scheduled class for your fitness and health goal consultations and studio tours.

We got you

Injuries? Not to worry. Our trained professionals review your fitness and health background, goals, and all concerns, injuries or factors during your first visit consultation. Extra stuff? Drop it off at our cubbies for safe keeping. COVID-19 concerns? Our studios are designed with COVID-19 prevention in mind to keep you safe.
Step 2: The Main Event

Work it out.

Transform your workout

Give us 50 minutes and our instructor-led group classes will maximize the transformation of your whole body. And since we change up our class every day, you’ll always be kept on your toes.

Talk is cheap

Feel the burn in every rep, then track those gains in real-time on studio screens and in our app.

Fitness, but make it fun

Science shows that when your heart rate stays above the 70% Zone for 20 minutes, you’ll see measurable improvements in your fitness—and with our 5 level heart-zone point system (1 minute = 1 point), as you strive for 20 points each class, you’ll always have fun getting there.
Step 3: The Other 23 hours

Recover and Repeat.

Take it easy

Recover by cooling down and stretching it out with your coach, while they review your personal heart rate results, what they mean to you, and how to best recover for your next workout.

Work hard, stay fresh

Check out our fresh merchandise and pick up exclusive Volofit merch you’ll never wanna take off.

Take us everywhere

View your real-time workout results, compare your week-by-week metrics to see your progress, track out-of-studio workouts, and book your next class, all at your fingertips.

Ready to get Volofit?

Find the right studio for you and get started now!