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Hear Directly from Members Why Volofit is a Must Try

September 4, 2021

Read from our members why Volofit is a designed for you.

You may think you’ve tried everything, but our members know, that Volofit really is different, a fitness program designed with you in mind. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what our members have to say.

Alyssa, Volofit Founding Member

The Variety Makes All The Difference
“I think the biggest thing that stood out to me was that there are just a variety of people here, you’ve got everyone from your really fit people to the people that are just looking to make better changes to their bodies and in their lives, so it’s great to have that mix”

Experts Are Always There For a Helping Hand
“I think it’s great, the coaches are super knowledgeable and they’re always watching to make sure that your form is right and that you are basically doing the workout to the best of your ability and you’re not going to hurt yourself”

You’ll Leave Feeling Accomplished
“I feel a big sense of accomplishment when walk out of here, I feel stronger, I feel super motivated to come back and do it again”

Elise, Volofit Member

You Won’t Be Able to Wait to Get Back At It
“I’ve done a lot of different gyms and I’ve been to a lot of different places and it’s always been kind of a drag to get up and go and make a commitment, but when I left Volofit I was really excited to come back, I couldn’t wait to, I come almost every day because I really love it.”

Whatever Your Bag, We’ve Got Something for You
“Part of what’s really cool about Volofit is that it’s different every time and that keeps it exciting. If you’re really into cardio, or arms or legs, you can get what you want and it will challenge you in areas that maybe you aren’t the best at.”

You’ll Leave Stronger and More Confident
“I feel way more confident, I feel more capable, I feel strong. I know some people want to be skinny or have a swimsuit body but really I’ve always wanted to feel really strong and confident in the body I’m in and Volofit is helping me on that journey.”

Paul, Volofit Founding Member

The Energy Is Infectious
“I like the energy I started watching the videos on instagram and it just kind of drew me in on the excitement and everyone working their hardest on where they want to go based on what their goals were.”

You’ll Make Stride After Stride
“I’ve gotten better every time I’ve come. I’ve grown every session that i’ve joined so I’ve found different ways to do particular sets.”

It’s Actually Fun, Like Really
“Everyone’s happy, it’s a fun enjoying environment and everyone welcome’s you in. I definitely whole heartedly love being here.”

Tired of the monotony of treadmills, home workouts, or just the same boring routine? We get it and that’s why we’ve created something different. Come see for yourself what Volofit is all about. Find a location and class near you, we can’t wait to see you!

Start your journey at Volofit today!