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Our Top 3 Reasons Why Group HIIT Fitness is Right For You

April 5, 2021

It's all about fun, accountability and motivation

Whether you're working out with your "swolemate," friends, the VFam, or other people who are driven to reach their fitness goals, there's no doubt there are countless benefits to group workouts and fitness. With summer in full swing, now's the perfect opportunity to go over Volofit's Top 3 reasons why group HIIT training will help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Reason 1: FUN

Let's face it, working out alone can be a monotonous (and sometimes intimidating) experience, no matter your fitness level. But it can be tough to motivate yourself if you're starting your fitness journey. Sure, millions work out solo every week, but why do it alone when you can have the VFam by your side? When you exercise with others, you build a community with like-minded people who bring energy, support, and friendly competition. The grind brings people together, so when we're working together to get through a Volofit HIIT class, you'll start to enjoy and crave it week in and week out.


Group workout holds you accountable, plain and simple. Take a New Year's resolution; for example, you're far more likely to achieve it when you have a buddy to hold you accountable than if you do it alone. The same can be said of a group fitness setting. Whether it's your best workout friend or your kickass coach, the VFam will be there with you to help you meet your fitness goals. At Volofit, there's no shortage of benchmark workouts and challenges throughout the year that makes testing your endurance, strength, power, and agility a total blast.


Last but not least, the final perk of group HIIT fitness is the motivation (both internal and external) that you get to push yourself further each time. When you think about dropping the kettlebell, slowing down on that last row, or cruising through the final 20 seconds, the VFam is there to give you that extra ounce of motivation you need to crush that final rep—leaving you with an incredible sense of accomplishment and pride when you complete a workout. There's just something about working out in a group that HIITs different. It's difficult to pinpoint whether it's the friendly competition, camaraderie, or fun of it all, but there's no doubt that at Volofit, it works.

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