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Ready to Break Up with Your Boring Fitness Routine?

October 2, 2021

Head to Volofit for HIIT Happiness

A new generation of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has landed, bringing with it challenging workouts and top-notch instructors ready to take your sweat fests up a notch. Volofit offers a boutique fitness experience specifically designed to keep you challenged, maximize results and (happily) coming back for more. 


Volofit does HIIT a little (ok, a lot) differently. Ho-hum workouts don’t inspire anyone to get dressed and get going, and are the number one sponsor of “not today” days. That’s why Volofit changes up workouts every session so you are ready to get it done again and again and again. 

This place is all about efficiency. The workouts are backed by science and designed by a world-class staff of wicked (in a good way) instructors. You want results — they will get you there ASAP, and with 750+ different ways to get it done, you’ll enjoy the ride. 

If you have 50 minutes a day three times a week, you will start to see the kind of results you’ve been chasing. Volofit is for all fitness levels, genders and ages — yes, I’m looking at you. 


Each workout combines moves and challenges that increase endurance, strength, power and agility — all in one workout. At Volofit you are in expert hands, with coaches who know you by name and are dedicated to elevating members’ results and overall lifestyle. 

As part of the Volofit VFam, you’ll say adieu to calories and ramp up muscle mass with these full body workouts. The best part? These masters of movement work with all fitness levels — from elite athletes to seasoned couch potatoes, all are welcome here.

Welcome to the highlight of your day! Experience Volofit with your first class FREE and take your workout to the next level.