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Seize the Summer With Volofit's HIIT Workouts

June 5, 2021

Check out our top three tips to help you achieve your fitness and health goals all summer long.

Summer 2021 is here. Are you ready to look great and get fit this summer? We’ve got you! Improve your habits, HIIT your goals, and join a supportive community that keeps you motivated and coming back for more.

Here are our top three tips to help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals all summer long.

Time to move

Yes, we are stating the obvious. To achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle, you have to get your body moving. We know you're thinking, "ugh, I don't want to spend hours at the gym walking on a treadmill." Here's a pro-tip: hours in the gym, doing the same movements over and over again won't produce results! It's time to get acquainted with Volofit and how we do functional training. Volofit is the only HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workout that's perfectly balanced to deliver results in three dimensions—burning calories, strengthening cardiovascular endurance, and building lean muscle mass. The integration of our unparalleled technology and coaching expertise enables us to evolve our nearly infinite arsenal of distinct workouts constantly, so you and your body never get bored. Our innovative HIIT workout classes are centered around our four key pillars of fitness: endurance, strength, power, and agility, so you don't just look great—you're healthier, stronger, and moving better every day. And most importantly, achieving your fitness goals.

Track your progress

No more standing on the scale and being discouraged! Your body will naturally fluctuate when you're in the process of transforming yourself. Water retention, food choices, and muscle growth will play tricks on the scale. So how do you track your progress and stay motivated? Queue in technology. Our technology guides our members through class formats and specific exercises. It also supports the Volofit point system, where you'll receive one point for every minute spent at 70% of the maximum heart rate (Zone 3) or above while performing 20 to 50 minutes of vigorous exercise. In addition, wearing a monitor while you work out helps us monitor the heart rate in real-time and seamlessly integrates with training sessions to help track your progress and keep you moving towards your goal of earning 20 points or more in each class. Each studio is equipped with TV screens to help guide you through each workout to ensure optimal fitness and correct form, and of course, our coaches are there to guide you.

Step it up

Don't let the fear of being a first-timer scare you or keep you from becoming the best version of yourself. Whether you're looking to lose weight, belong to a community, or seeking a powerful workout, Volofit has what you need! With the combined knowledge of our certified fitness experts and our cutting-edge technology, we've developed an innovative approach to HIIT training that produces the results you want, with all the support you need.

Volofit is the world's first perfectly balanced, result-driven, HIIT group workout fitness studio that combines science, coaching, and technology to guarantee maximum results. We make it simple for you to push yourself, stay motivated, and be fearless with more than 750+ exercises to allow us to deliver a unique class every single day.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to your nearest Volofit studio and start your transformation journey the Volofit way!