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Volofit Brings Ever-Changing, High-Intensity Workouts to Ross Township

November 3, 2021

If you’ve packed on some pandemic pounds and want to get back in shape, Earl Schweinsberg has the perfect place for you.

On Sept. 28, he opened a Volofit franchise in Ross Township to offer high-intensity interval training workouts. It is located in the McKnight-Siebert Shopping Center at 885 McKnight Road.

“Over the past 40 years, I belonged to almost every gym/fitness concept in the Pittsburgh area,” he said. “However, I did not find anyone who was able to design workouts with a perfect balance of strength and cardio to give you actual results. I decided Volofit, with all the great minds behind it, was the best fit for my journey. I believe our team and workouts will inspire others as well to achieve optimal fitness and see real results.”

Founded in 2020, the Minnesota-based company has five operating locations across the country, with plans to open two more this year. It is the exclusive fitness partner of Tough Mudder, which brought its obstacle-course challenge to Pittsburgh on Oct. 2-3.

You won’t find StairMasters and treadmills at Volofit — it is a class-based boutique fitness studio. Programs are designed to train members in optimal heart rate zones. Members have a goal during each class of 20 minutes at 70% or more of their maximum heart rate.

Nationally accredited fitness coaches offer advice and encouragement to get you through the 50-minute session, which is organized into stations. Each station has a monitor to cue movements, rep schemes and keep time so the coach has the ability to train each member.

The Ross site is 2,800 square feet, including private bathrooms and showers. Classes are offered from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. Volofit coaches recommend visiting three to five times per week to see real results.

So, how do you fight workout burnout?

Schweinsberg says the workout focus changes daily to combat boredom and keep the mind and body engaged. Coaches rotate the use of assault bikes, rowers, TRX traps, battle ropes, dumbells, kettlebells, sandbags, medicine balls, pull-up bars and PLYO boxes. Each piece of equipment is cleaned before, after and during class with EPA-approved disinfectant.

The studio has multiple sanitation stations and two, 10-foot UV-C light ceiling fans. Wearing masks is a personal choice unless mandated by the state or county health department.

Schweinsberg says Volofit is for anyone regardless of age or fitness level. The desire to better yourself is the only requirement. “Volo,” after all, is Latin for “I wish” or “I want.”

Class size is capped at 24 to allow individual attention throughout the sweat session. Overall, the studio will offer 650 memberships. Schedule a two-day trial by calling the studio at 412-752-7005.

Original story was published in Triblive, here.