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Volofit Fitness Studios Focus On Fully-Balanced Workouts

April 2, 2021

Volofit is now open in Apple Valley, MN

Volofit Apple Valley Ribbon Cutting

APPLE VALLEY, MN— A new fitness studio opened on Cedar Avenue in Apple Valley on Monday, April 5th.

The Apple Valley location is owned by fitness-enthusiasts Eric and Laura Black, and will also have HIIT expert Julia Crosby as head coach, the studio said.

"It's been a challenging year for the Apple Valley community and I am thrilled to finally open our studio doors and make Volofit a reality for our neighbors," Eric Black said. "This new fitness concept is important to our community, it's something they have been looking for when it comes to a fitness regime that truly challenges their minds and bodies. With our boosted safety protocols, we're proactively taking steps to help protect our staff and members, and we're excited to welcome them back into the studio."

Eric Black said he fell in love with the idea of Volofit when he initially heard about it.

"When this concept came my way, I was instantly hooked, " he said. "I fell in love with the idea that we can transform people's fitness in a way that nobody else is doing."

Black and Crosby both said that Volofit is unlike any other studios in Apple Valley.

Volofit aims to give people a different workout each day, Black said.

Volofit said it will offer fitness classes for all skill levels centered around four pillars-endurance, strength, power and agility.

"Unlike a lot of other concepts out there where the workouts are strength-heavy or cardio-heavy, you'll get everything every day to really give you a well-rounded workout that will never let you get bored," Black said. "That's a huge differentiator for us over other places in the fitness space."

Crosby told Patch that Volofit is the only gym around that can give people a fully-balanced workout.

Unlike other fitness studios where the setup is the same every day, Volofit offers a variety of workouts and equipment setup, Crosby said.

"When you come to Volofit, you will never do the same workout twice," Crosby said.

Volofit offers 15 different types of modalities, and "pretty much any type of equipment you can think of," Crosby told Patch.

The studio said that it will comply with CDC regulations including requiring face masks and disinfecting equipment. It will also have a high-capacity filtration system, the studio said.

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